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Paul McCartney gets back to where he once belonged
Thousands of fans packed into Hamburg's Color Line Arena to see Paul begin his seven date tour in the harbour-side city. The former Beatle's return to the city signifies the historic relationship between the Fab Four and Hamburg, which began almost 50 years ago.

Between 1960 and 1962, The Beatles took residence in the city to perform a series of concerts in the clubs in Hamburg's Reeperbahn district. These legendary concerts created a platform on which The Beatles could hone their skills and develop themselves into the world-conquering band they later became. This mutual love and respect has never waned; Paul was quoted as saying, 'This is my chance to bring our current show home to where it all began'.

The city has never stopped embracing new music, as signified by September's highly successful Reeperbahn Festival, which saw new and established bands take over Hamburg's world famous live music venues. Hamburg also hosts the world's biggest collection of Beatles memorabilia in their Beatlemania exhibition, which has seen thousands of music fans through its door since opening in May 2009.

'Good Evening Europe' got off to an incredible start as Paul played a selection of solo hits and Beatles classics to a sold-out arena of fans from across the globe. Paul's unforgettable and show-stopping performance enhances the unbreakable bond between the singer and Hamburg and will forever be seen as a 'homecoming' from one of the city's most loved musicians.
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