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Christina Aguilera's husband drives car with baby on his lap
Christina Aguilera's husband has been photographed driving in Los Angeles with their baby daughter on his lap.

Matt Rutler, 30, was seen driving their black Range Rover with their 18-month-old daughter Summer Rain wedged in front of him in pictures posted on

Matt, was taking the family out for a drive last Sunday (28Feb16) in Brentwood California. Before setting off, the Nate Modd Band guitarist was snapped carrying the little girl into the driver's seat with him, while Christina, 34, looked on from the front passenger seat.

Giving his little girl a kiss, he then placed her on his lap and began to drive off with Summer Rain dangerously balanced on his knee, too small to see over the steering wheel.

According to TMZ (04Mar16) Matt drove a short distance of 100-yards before pulling into a parking lot to buy a cold beverage.

Despite the short distance, driving with a child on your lap is a violation of state traffic laws and seems somewhat 'risky', worst-case-scenario being an unexpected stop may cause the airbag to go off.

Luckily no-one was hurt, but it was alleged that had Matt had been caught he could've incurred a $475 (£300) ticket, a fine commonly given for a first offence.

In 2006 singer Britney Spears caused controversy when she was snapped in Malibu, driving with her then five-month-old son Sean Preston on her lap.

Christina's representatives have yet to make a comment.

This is not the first time there have been concerns over Matt's conduct. Friends close to the couple expressed concerns about her relationship with Matt last year (15), fearing the star had given him too much control over her finances. One friend described Matt as having “zero financial smarts but thinks he knows it all. Friends worry he’s going to squander her fortune," wrote British magazine OK!

The two met on the set of Christina's 2010 movie Burlesque.The couple have one daughter Summer together, and Christina also has son Max, eight from her previous marriage to Jordan Bratman.
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