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Rihanna's beau is smitten
Rihanna's rumored new beau allegedly wants them to be exclusive.

The pop star famously dated Chris Brown, who violently assaulted her in 2009, on and off for years.

She's also been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in recent months, but it's Real Madrid football star Karim Benzema whos apparently now on Rihanna's radar.

"They have major chemistry and have known each other since last year's World Cup. They've been meeting up for a couple of months now and he'd like them to go exclusive," a source told British magazine Grazia.

Karim has a bit of bad boy record himself, with driving arrests for having no license and a disciplinary from his football club for going skydiving.

He's also apparently in trouble with Rihanna, after being spotted partying in the same LA Club as Karrueche Tran - another ex of Chris Brown.

"Rihanna is holding off on committing fully to Karim. She wasn't happy he'd been in the same club as Karrueche. Rihanna is strong, though, and is playing it cool. She's also got a lot of exciting work projects coming up, so needs to concentrate her efforts on that," the insider said.

One of these new projects is said to be relaunching herself as a fashion designer. The 27-year-old apparently has an accessories line called $CHOOL KILLS. The brand will start with tote bags and purse, with views to expand into clothing later on.

It's not the first time Rihanna has dabbled in the world of design, as she's previously had a line for UK high street store River Island.
Source: music-news

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