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Madonna 'let out of jury service'
Madonna reportedly had a valid doctor's note to excuse her from jury duty today.

The 55-year-old singer had been summoned to appear at the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday so she could perform her civic duty with other members of society.

New York Post reported she did not turn up, although it's been claimed she had an excuse.

According to New York Daily News the superstar presented a letter from a medical professional which ruled her out of the session. A source told the publication the note insisted Madonna would be willing to serve on a jury over the coming days. New York County Clerk Norman Goodman has confirmed the letter is real and that the star will likely serve at the court at some point in the near future.

It remains unknown why Madonna was unable to attend court today.

It's not the first time she has been summoned to jury duty, having previously served on a panel in California. Her presence was requested in Beverly Hills in 2008 and she arrived on time with her assistant, but was let go after four hours.

The star is thought to have spent the Memorial Day weekend with her family and marked the occasion with a picture of some peonies on her Instagram account earlier today.

'Perfect end to a memorable weekend! The flower is always at its moat beautiful, Ripe and fragrant. Right before it dies #bittersweet (sic),' she captioned the shot.

Earlier she added images of a barbeque and one which is believed to be of her son David talking with a friend.
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