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George Michael loved performing with Queen
George Michael says performing with Queen was the highlight of his career because Freddie Mercury was always one of his inspirations.

George Michael says performing with Queen was the highlight of his career.

The 'White Light' hitmaker always idolised the group's frontman Freddie Mercury so was delighted to be part of a tribute concert to the late singer after his death in 1992.

He said: "I've always been a big fan of Sir Elton John. And I loved Queen and Stevie Wonder. They were my mentors. And then, when I was old enough to go to concerts, I used to pilgrimage in awe to all of their shows. I looked at Freddie Mercury when he was on stage and thought: 'My god, how does it feel to do that?' Years later I was able to perform with Freddie and Elton. To sing with Queen was the most memorable moment of my career."

George's career has spanned several decades but he says his 1996 album 'Older' - penned following the death of former love Anselmo Feleppa - is his favourite, though he would never want to go through the events that inspired his songwriting at that time ever again.

He told website "I am very proud of my work and very happy that I'm still here and can do what I love.

"With respect to my favourite album, I'd say 'Older'. Most people probably expect me to say 'Faith' because that was my first solo album and set my solo career in motion.

"But 'Older' I wrote for someone I've loved and lost. So it is actually born out of the pain, and it was like a catharsis for me.

"But when I think about it now, what I went through when I wrote it - so I never want to be inspired again."
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