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Madonna stuns at Super Bowl
Madonna performed an extravagant medley filled with surprises at Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI.
The 53-year-old superstar wore a golden Givenchy warrior dress as she dominated the stage for a 12-minute medley at this year's half-time show.

Madonna began the set by singing Vogue as she was carried onto the stage by a bevy of men clad in armour resembling those of Roman soldiers. Acrobatic dancers joined Madonna onstage for her next number Music, performing flips and assisting the songstress with cartwheels. Guest vocalists Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. became Madonna's cheerleaders as the trio performed Give Me All Your Luvin'.

According to Us Weekly, M.I.A. was particularly enthusiastic. As a cameraman stepped up to get a direct shot of her, the Paper Planes singer flipped up her middle finger.
For the final tune Like a Prayer, Cee Lo Green joined Madonna on an elevated platform as a choir filled the stage beneath them.
The show ended with bright white lights beaming onto the field that read 'World Peace'.

Ten of millions of Americans watch this annual sporting event on television.
Madonna's upcoming album MDNA will be released in the spring.
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