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George Michael: I feel amazing
George Michael says he feels 'amazing' after battling pneumonia.

The musician has spoken about his illness for the first time since returning to Britain.

He appeared outside his home in Highgate in London. George appeared very drawn and was struggling to speak after undergoing a tracheotomy.

"I'm not supposed to speak for very long at a time. I feel amazing. I'm very weak but I feel amazing,' he said tearfully.

"I still have plenty to live for. I have this amazing, amazing life and if I wasn't spiritual enough before the last four or five weeks then I certainly am now. I have to believe that somebody believes I still have some work to do here," British publication the Telegraph reported.

George was hospitalised in Austria after falling ill in November while on tour for the first time in three years.

He was forced to postpone the rest of his Symphonica world tour after falling ill.

The star was very thankful for the wonderful treatment he received at the facility.

He also promised a special gig for the doctors who had saved his life.

"They spent three weeks keeping me alive basically,' he explained. 'It was basically by far the worst month of my life but feel incredibly fortunate to be here and incredibly fortunate to have picked up this bug where I did because apparently the hospital in Austria was absolutely the best place in the world I could have been to deal with pneumonia.'

The star also thanked his friends, family and fans for their support. He plans to carry on touring once he has fully recovered.

"I played it down, I didn't want to worry my fans too much," he said. "I promise them the plan is to play to every single person who had a ticket.'
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George Michael
George Michael:

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