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George Michael 'in good spirits'
George Michael is 'making progress' in his recovery from pneumonia.

The 48-year-old singer fell ill with the lung condition on Monday.

He is currently hospitalised in Vienna, Austria where he was set to perform a show.

Friends close to George are happy with how well he is recuperating.

'George has woken up and he's in good spirits. Doctors are very pleased with him, and he's making progress,' a source told British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Though George is feeling better, the singer is still experiencing extreme discomfort.

'He's been in terrible pain,' the source explained. 'He's had a dreadful chest infection, but he's been in good care. He's in very capable hands.'

Loved ones are hoping that hardworking George will stay off his feet for a while.

'This a very serious condition. It cannot be understated,' his friend went on. 'George needs rest. It takes ages to recover.'

George has cancelled upcoming tour dates in France and Wales this week due to his illness.

This is the second time George has been hit by health problems on his Symphonica world tour.

Last month, he was forced to cancel a sell-out show in London after his spokesperson said he was suffering from a viral infection.

The tour kicked off in Prague, Czech Republic, in August.

George is hoping to recover in time to take to the stage in Liverpool, England, on November 30.
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George Michael
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