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George Michael receives drug counseling after court hearing
George Michael is receiving drug counselling and has spent time in rehab while he awaits a court ruling.

The singer was in court to defend himself against charges of driving under the influence of, and possessing, cannabis. He also crashed his 4WD into a branch of photo printing shop Snappy Snaps in London.

He has entered a guilty plea for both charges and is due back in court later this month (September, 2010) to receive his sentence, which could include jail time.

He apologised to fans in a statement saying 'My Dear Fans, As usual I am overwhelmed by the support and genuine concern that so many of you around the world have expressed in recent weeks.

' want to thank you all sincerely, and also to reassure those of you who worry so much for me. I fully appreciate the seriousness of my current situation, for which I truly apologise.

'You will understand that it would be wrong of me to go into details before the court case has ended.

'But I feel you should know that on the day after the incident I checked in to a clinic for a 14-day detox program here in London, which has been followed by ongoing outpatient drug counselingseveral times a week.

'Personal problems which I had tried to deal with myself had clearly got the better of me, and I am sorry that my pride has prevented me from seeking help before now.

' would also like to express my thanks to those whose discretion allowed me to begin this process in private, which has helped me greatly.

'With love and my apologies, George Michael.'
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George Michael
George Michael:

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