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Paul McCartney says his six-year-old daughter controls his work
The former Beatle won't tour when he has custody of Beatrice – his child with ex-wife Heather Mills – and says she is the biggest priority in his life.

He said: 'What happens is, I don't work when I have my little one. I'm actually on the road very much half the time. So when I do tour, I'm kind of hungry, and the concerts are usually quite choice – it's Hyde Park, or it's the Isle of Wight, or it's Coachella.

'The thing is, when I'm on tour, it's quite visible and people say, 'God you're so busy.' I'm actually not. Not compared to how The Beatles used to tour.'

McCartney – who is currently dating American heiress Nancy Shevell – is amazed by the age range of fans who come to his concerts and admits his songs are connecting with younger generations.

The legendary musician added in an interview with Seven magazine: 'My audience now, strangely, is this multigenerational thing that I'd never expected. You're getting people that are older than me, people of my age, people of my elder kids' age and then their kids' ages. So there are normally about four generations. I find it quite emotional. It's amazing.'
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