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Alannah Myles - Black velvet Alannah Myles - Black velvet (1989)
Composer: Tyson, Ward
Label: Atlantic
Alice Cooper - How you gonna see me now Alice Cooper - How you gonna see me now (1978)
Composer: Cooper, Taupin, Wagner
Label: Wea International
Alicia Keys - Doesn't mean anything Alicia Keys - Doesn't mean anything (2009)
Composer: Brothers, Keys
Label: J-Records
Alicia Keys - Fallin' Alicia Keys - Fallin' (2001)
Composer: Keys
Label: J-Records
Alicia Keys - Girl on fire Alicia Keys - Girl on fire (2012)
Composer: Remi, Keys, Squier, Bhasker
Label: RCA
Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you (2004)
Composer: Keys
Label: J-Records
Alicia Keys - No one Alicia Keys - No one (2008)
Composer: Brothers, Harry, Keys
Label: RCA
Alison Moyet - All cried out Alison Moyet - All cried out (1985)
Composer: Jolley, Moyet, Swain
Label: Columbia
All Saints - Never ever All Saints - Never ever (1998)
Composer: Jazayeri, Lewis, Mather
Label: London
All Saints - Pure shores All Saints - Pure shores (2000)
Composer: Lewis, Orbit
Label: London
All-4-one - I swear All-4-one - I swear (1994)
Composer: Baker, Myers
Label: Blitzz/Atlantic
Alphaville - Forever young Alphaville - Forever young (1984)
Composer: Gold, Lloyd, Mertens
Label: Atlantic
America - A horse with no name America - A horse with no name (1972)
Composer: Bunnell
Label: Warner Bros.
Amy Macdonald - This is the life Amy Macdonald - This is the life (2008)
Composer: Macdonald
Label: Universal
Anastacia - I'm outta love Anastacia - I'm outta love (2000)
Composer: Anastacia, Biancaniello, Watters
Label: Sony
Anastacia - Left outside alone Anastacia - Left outside alone (2004)
Composer: Anastacia, Austin, Ballard
Label: Epic
Anastacia - Sick and tired Anastacia - Sick and tired (2004)
Composer: Anastacia, Austin, Ballard
Label: Epic
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